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Updated: May 17

Marketing seems to be the thorn in the side of the author from the self-publishing perspective. Not that I don't like it - I thoroughly enjoy going to the different websites and cut-n-pasting my little piece of data for everyone to catch. Figuring out what might grab a reader's eye and what is pointless has always been part of my job in sales. The word of mouth is always the best referral, but that ad on the grocery basket at the supermarket might as well be in Old English for all it's going to attract attention or a phone call. It really is a crap shoot on what would hit or miss. Seems like a giveaway might be good, but then everyone signs up for the giveaway to get a freebie, and then no one buys it afterwards, how did that help?

Networking is generally the best. Having "sub-producers" is even better. My mom must've sold more copies for me than any of the online pay versions of getting it out there. She's so proud of my work, she tells the guy checking out her groceries, and writes it down for him before she leaves! That's dedication. That's what gives you time to write your next book.

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