Re-launch, or Let's try this again...

Updated: May 17

After watching several videos on reinventing oneself (no, not looking to do so, just looking for interesting ideas for new opportunities,) I stumbled across a clip where this guy was talking about a book named Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. I found it quite fascinating, so I downloaded the Kindle version and started reading.

Barely into it, I realized that all of the information I was chasing after to expand on what I call my "fun, little endeavors" which are writing, artistry, and selling things on Etsy, is of interest to many people. And, in turn, my steps in getting my products invented, designed, set up, and distributed would be of interest to other people as well. It's a look behind the scenes of what goes on for an author, blogger, vlogger, or online store owner.

Now, I have my hands in a bunch of different things at the same time, so I'll probably have to break it down for each of these to give you an idea of the process. But to have fodder for this blog is quite refreshing, to say the least, instead of wondering what I would write about. So, I will keep this portion short so I can get on to showing my work on what I do in the background day-to-day for each of these types of businesses. Maybe you'll learn something, or maybe it'll just be entertainment. Whichever the case, I'm glad you came along.

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